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     Digital Explorations in Fiber & Mixed Media
 "Every workshop has some element of how to, but when I teach, I encourage my students to let go into the process and get into the ‘flow; to relax into making marks, creating color mixes, lines, or prints.”      
"Based on Wen's book- "Digital Fiber Art: Combine Photos & Fabric - Create Your Own Mixed-Media Masterpiece"                                                                                            

            Her new book Digital Fiber Art and Mixed Media is now available! Check Amazon or her studio blog for personally autographed copies. here
          Join Wen Redmond, internationally recognized mixed media and fiber artist, for a stimulating workshop.  New Hampshire-based artist Wen Redmond‘s unusual use of fiber combines painting and digital media. She is a mixed media artist whose work embraces several media including digital processes, surface design, and collage. Wen delights in creating dialogue, changing your perspectives on and perceptions of fiber. She works intuitively, encouraging ‘flow’, experimentation, and the inner muse in her workshop participants.

Selection of Workshops
Hold me back- another NEW Workshop!
Collage with Photo Transfer
Media Mix Creative Photo Transfer Collage    
Create your own mixed media/collage/photo transfer! Combine your black and white photograph with one of 2 easy collage techniques. First we’ll use cotton duck and paint as a surface to produce a creative and unique final piece. The second will use a paper backed fusible to create a collage substrate. You’ll experience, collage, transfer and finishing technique.
Optional- Quilt or hand stitch collage
Fog Rising Holographic work with thermal fax details
Holographic Memories  
Create your own holographic image with this innovative digital fiber technique.
Using your imagination and digital photographs, capture your loved ones or favorite subjects in this 3-D effect. Each student will mount and finish a 12x14 piece.
Send her 2 photograph files one month before class. Send to with Holographic Image in the subject line. Wen will select the best one for this technique and print.
Similar to Redmond’s article in Quilting Arts Magazine May/Je 2007
1 day    Add fabric painting or Thermal Fax or both to extend workshop!

Holographic Memories and The Thermal Facts
As seen in Quilting Arts Magazine and Quilting Arts TV Show! Capture your loved ones or favorite subjects with life like imagery. Using your photographs, create holographic effects with my innovative digital fiber technique. We will create a 5x7” picture mounted on 12x14” bars with Thermal Fax screen-printing highlights on your hand painted fabric ‘frame’! Easy and so exciting!    2-3 days  
Add fabric painting for 4-5 day workshop!

Digital Explorations in Fiber and Mixed Media
fiber and mixed media digital collage
 Expand your vision of a digital print! Participants will be introduced to inkjet printing on fiber and mixed media substrates. The types of substrates that can be created are nearly limitless. Explore the possibilities!

            Based on Wen's new book- with CT Publishing- Digital Fiber Art and Mixed Media Masterpieces
            General knowledge of Photoshop or a similar editing program is advantageous but not necessary.
            Please try to bring a printer will enable you to print at your own pace. You could share with a couple people. The printer should be able to use a USB stick or someone willing to share their computer. The focus is on experimentation and construction!  3-5 days


Segmented Fiber Quilts 
            Create a digital fiber quilt with Wen! Learn her innovative-segmented quilt design that can be folded like a book!
Participants will create a simple altered photograph, print on inkjet ready fiber; learn her batting method and new edge treatment that uses paint! Make one large one up to 24x30! 
Enhancement methods and protective finishes will be included.        4-5 days

Digital Fiber Mini Quilt
Create a mini 12x12 segmented digital quilt with a new edge treatment! Based on Wen’s new book, Digital Fiber, create a fabric quilt with a photograph of your design. Wen will demonstrate her protective coating technique. Wen will print your cotton broadcloth fabric before the workshop. 
Send her the photograph file one month before class. Send to with Digital Fiber Quilt Photograph in the subject line.
1-2 days
This is a condensed version of Wen’s workshop Segmented Fiber Quilts

Textured Photographs
            Explore Digital Fiber with this very tactile and eye catching technique!
Create a unique textured surface with lightweight molding paste that can be stitched. Use your own digital images to create painterly photographs. Learn about ink jet grounds. Each student will learn this new technique and come away with an art-filled 7x9 sample collage journal! 
            Wen published this technique in Quilting Arts Nov 2012 and is available as a Video Workshop on Interweave. Some pre-workshop image preparation.  
2 days or 3 days with fabric painting and 5 days includes creating puzzle quilt!

Mix iT Up! Serendipity CoLLage! 
            MiXed MeDia CoLLage embraces the unknown and unexpected. This workshop encourages the use of free recycled materials and supplies you already have. Focus will be on spontaneous creativity and freedom of expression while designing green art.
            Learn an amazing serendipity collage technique that creates several collages at once, while experimenting with mediums. Focus can be fiber or paper but is a great introduction to mixed media! Come away inspired! 
Published in Cloth, Paper Scissors 2011. 
1 day Mini or 2-5 days
5 day workshop includes creating stash for collage composition with a variety of fabrics and papers, explore a number of ways to make unique collage foundations, investigate layering techniques, print, texture and distress surfaces.
Stalking the Wild Prints!
            Plein air printing? Why not! Take a walk and get your materials for free! Not only can you gather found natural items to print but you can clear you head and get inspired too. We’ll create natural prints on cloth and create a small quilt.
As seen in Redmond’s article in Quilting Arts Magazine Dec/Jan 2011
1 -2 days

Spontaneous Fabric Painting 
            Using a wide variety of tools and tricks, you’ll have lots of fun as you explore the exciting adventure of painting on fabric. Learn lots of techniques to create completely incredible fabric!  The emphasis will be on encouraging creative responses to instruction, cheering serendipity and happy accidents.
Includes Heliographic Sun Printing if weather allows. “I do not want exactness in my painted cloth but spontaneous colors- mix and allow development! To be open for the unexpected- changeable like the clouds.”
1-2 days    This works with some of the workshops for extension.

The Thermal Facts          
     Thermal Fax screens are detailed silk screens made from Black and White photographs or drawings. Your own photographs can be converted into silkscreens! Any image you can think of! An artistic compliment to your photographic fiber art.  
Send her the photograph file one month before class. Send to with Thermal Fax in the subject line.
1 day  or a great to extend Holographic Images!

Workshop Fees
$725.00 per day for full-day workshops. $475.00 per half-day workshops. 
Maximum class size
- Up to 20 students.
60-90 minute lectures- $350.00 
Please note-
Many workshops can be combined for longer runs.
Required equipment, facility requirements
, and student materials list will vary according to the workshop but generally, access to water for clean up. 
Kit Fees ranges from $20- $40

PO Box 537, Strafford, NH 03884   

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