Thursday, December 8, 2016

Autographed copies of my book! 'Digital Fiber & Mixed Media'

Thrilled to have a copy of my book in hand! It brought me to tears!
One thing to write and work on it but to see it's fruition is amazing!!
SOOO- to share the joy, I'm offering some autographed copies here on my studio sales blog!!

$29.99 plus $6.20 for priority shipping within US 

Sunday, December 4, 2016

The Moment of Dawning

Altered photograph printed on black paper with white paint, and silver inkaid accents. 

Matted 11x14
brand spankin' new $75.00

Still of a Life

coffee stained image on silk over-layer with image on contact paper

Matted 8x10
sold! Thank you Paula!

Making Time

Image painted on silk, wrinkled and mounted on painted interfacing.

Matted 8x10
Sold! Thank you Lauren!

Forgotten Door

Textured molding paste substrate printed with altered photograph

Matted 9x12
brand spankin' new $45.00

Attic Look Out

Photograph printed on silver paper, with flashing tape under collage. Stitched.
Matted 11x14

brand spankin' new $75.00

A Pause

Original photograph printed on under collage of netting, art paper and garnet medium.

Double Matted 11x14