Friday, March 20, 2015


I love encaustics. It's a great diversion form my usual art. I love that I can go back into a piece at any point.
Here's Justified before 
and then after with added details.
I love the creamy color and new textural markings.
8x8 encaustic painting on wooden panel
Encaustic Care 
            Encaustic is one of the most archival mediums but it does require some care and consideration. Encaustic medium is made from Damar resin and Beeswax. It is an easy to care for artwork with translucent beauty that actually changes.
            Encaustic medium will continue to cure and harden after completion; in this process the surface may loose some of its original luster. To clean or restore Encaustic ‘s natural shine, rub the surface firmly but gently with a thread free clean cotton cloth, old t-shirt etc.
            Do keep them from extreme heat- such as that of a very hot car. Also, extreme cold will not harm them unless they are dropped.
            Installation of an encaustic painting is no different then any other valued piece of art. All paintings should be kept out of direct sunlight and if hung above a fireplace, having ample distance to not be affected by the heat of the fire.

            These works will reward you year after year. I hope you will enjoy them as I have, making them!