Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Natural Print Collage #6848

Print created using natural items.
Drawing paper, collaged with silk organza.
Stitched 11x14 opening 7x9

Each comes matted and packaged in a clear bag.

$30.00 sale on Up Blog $ 25.00

Monday, December 9, 2013

Media Mix Postcards #'s 2,& 4

Fab, Fabulous Postcards
paper & fiber collage.
Each comes matted and packaged in a clear bag.

Stitched  5x7  opening 3x4.5

Studio sale $22.00 plus shipping

# 2

#4 is in a matt & clear bag also- this is interior detail
# 4

Sunday, December 8, 2013


Play with a Wire Sculpture

Hand dyed and painted, gelatin print, and thermal fax silkscreen from image of a wire sculpture. Pieced and quilted. Silk organza and cotton.


Simple Sparkle of the White Space of Now

Simple sparkle is about recognizing the present moment as the point of power.  When one is aware in the moment, you can become alive to observe and appreciate the simple things in life. For instance, a walk in the snowy woods inspired this quilt. The outer world was transformed by frozen water and left my inner world warm and peaceful.
Intuitive curved piecing- Hand dyed, painted, and bonded fabrics- Cottons, wool, fleece, net, and silk- rayon and metallic quilting.
37"x 44" $1000.00

Hard Ball

Multi-level Surface Design/ Digital Fiber. Original digital image, printed twice for holographic effects
Original images printed on archival digital cotton sateen, and silk organza. Borders digitally printed on Belgium Linen.
15hx25w $275.00